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Detox! Why?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

You may be wondering why in the world do I need to do a detox and why do I need to do it so often, like wouldn’t doing it once in my life (like at the very end of my life) suffice? This is just so excessive and expensive!

You just may be the type of person that washing your clothes once a year is sufficient (while your jeans are standing around all on their own joining in the conversation).

Just like your clothes, your car, your house, your Souls house needs to be cleaned and given an airing. We absorb far more toxins in our daily living than we can even begin to know, remember I mentioned toxic emotions/energies! First and foremost are our lifestyle habits, cleaning products (well hey you said I needed to clean the house!) food choices.

These all have an effect on our body, many of these cause chemical changes in the body that then sends signals of stress, for many people the stress is stored in the gut and that can spasm the large colon and prevents the movement of BM down the line.

If you have a backlog of emotions that you have been unable to deal with and you push them into some corner of your being, that energetic disturbance can affect the hormone reactions and that affects your body causing stress.

Our skin (which is the largest organ of our body) absorbs quite a lot of toxins from our environment and all these toxins need to pass thru the organs for elimination out your bowels from your lungs and from urine. If your body is not eliminating properly, regularly, neither are the other organs in your body.

Just imagine how often you clean your house or give a complete service to your car. You are in your body 24/7, is it HAPPY?

Be well and think happy thoughts!

We can help you on your healing journey.

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