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Juicing cleanses

A few months back I was going thru a healing crisis. What I mean by that is I've been doing healing work on myself but it was a slow process. My body was just so tired from previous years of stress and anxiety, adrenal fatigue, plus menopause, you get the picture.

Rest was just not enough (could not still the mind enough), supplements were just not enough. What to do! Juicing, I haven't tried that yet. So I went looking for an affordable cold press juicer. Purchased a second hand one, brilliant!

Before I began my juicing, I ran a biophilia scan on myself to see the state of my body, it was truly distressing, my energy was so low that my body was having difficulty healing.

I began my juicing journey. I was going to do 5 - 7 days of juicing, well I completed 3 days of just juice and water, if I had gone any further, I was going to injure someone (it didn't matter who), so I slowed the detoxing down and had 1 meal a day with juice in the morning and food at the end of the day. This was more comfortable, but it takes longer.

I then did another biophilia scan on myself. I was truly surprised at the difference just a few days of intense juicing could have!


I can definitely recommend juice cleanses to help heal your body and emotional well-being. It will partner up with colonic cleanses beautifully as it will make eliminating the toxins in your body more effortless.

For those of you that don't have time for creating your own juices at home, there is a wonderful home grown small Australian business that provides the most energized juices that I know of. Juicing with Nadia K will create your juice according to the needs of your body. Infusing it with Reiki energy and Tesla technology.

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