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Put a little spice in your Life

Ginger stands as a remarkably adaptable herbal remedy. Whether incorporated into culinary creations or utilized for its healing properties, this spicy root adds a distinct flavor to a myriad of dishes. Beyond its culinary prowess, ginger serves as a vital ally for digestive health. Its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate inflammation without the potential organ damage associated with prescription medications. Additionally, ginger aids in diminishing gastrointestinal discomfort by reducing gas and bloating. Moreover, it supports optimal liver and gallbladder function by facilitating bile secretion, thereby enhancing the digestion of fats.

Adding Ginger into your diet on a daily regimen will benefit not only your gut health but your whole body. Start your day with a cup of lemon and ginger tea, your body will thank you!

PS here is a quick tip - When you buy fresh ginger, grate it and put into an ice cube tray with a squeeze of lemon juice and freeze. Store in a freezer container, then just pull one out and pop it in your teapot for your morning cuppa, simple and so good for you!

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