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“At Echo of the Soul/Adelaide Colonics, our mission is to provide alternative therapies that empower individuals to reclaim control over their emotional healing and gut health. By combining emotional well-being practices with colonic therapy, we create a holistic approach to overall health. Our core values center around responsibility, sovereignty, compassion, and empowerment. We serve conscious individuals who recognize their role in their own well-being and seek a safe space for healing.”

Welcome to Echo of the Soul & Adelaide Colonics

We provide simple, yet powerful techniques

Echo of the Soul provides energy healing as a holistic approach


Energy healing is a holistic approach that activates the body's energy systems.


Energy blocks are released and removed which promotes the natural flow of energy throughout the body. This provides an environment that strengthens body systems and supports the body's innate ability to heal itself.


This impacts physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by stimulating the body's inherent ability to repair physical and emotional wounds.

Energy healing can assist with:

Echo of the Soul and Adelaide Colonics 

Childhood healing

Soul healing



Pet healing




Tarot guidance

and much...much more


"I love having emotion code and body code done. It really helps to pinpoint emotional and physical problems and where they are carried. It’s a good place to start when you are ready to start healing and dealing."

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